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  1. good god, she was SO stuck in traffic. Any other odds, she would have taken this easily and she clearly had the heart to do it. Long live Queen Z. So grateful to her for letting me witness how great she is <3

  2. Julie Hertz your old fucker shut up u don’t know shit zenyatta failed blame won fair and square

  3. Zenyatta won 19/20 races by approx. 35 lengths on dirt. Frankel won 14/14 by approx. 75 lengths on grass. The average winning distance of one race, taken over a full year on grass in UK is less than two lengths.The nouns ; "monster" or "legend" are clearly incorrect when it is about Zenyatta. Finally, Zenyatta is one of the luckiest mares ever; she received weight from males who were smaller than her, and in the case of Blame, she still couldn`t beat him!.

  4. Zenyatta was a monster. This race, despite it being a loss, was testament to her ability. They said she couldn’t do it but even coming in second, she did. She showed doubters what true greatness is and had she not run into traffic and had she had the race been a few yards longer she would have won it. One of the most impressive stretch runs I’ve ever seen in all my years following this sport. Magnificence.

  5. Reanee  –  Please put the advert you saw on here, which read HORSE FOR SALE "this horse is not a weight carrier" ! I don`t believe it !

  6. Yesterday December 14, 2016 retired jockey Garrett Gomez died at age 44 according to her daughter Shelby Gomez who didn´t give details about his father´s death. It´s a very sad news. I´m shocked! Greetings from Venezuela.

  7. +Reane Vermaas Of course they can easily carry it and anyway learn your subject. The fillies allowance used to be 3lbs and now it is 5lbs ,and that equates to a couple of lengths NOW so there was never much in it. Now to destroy your theory Reanee Vermaas! The great Mill Reef, who was 15.3hh, is still rated sixth best Derby winner of all time and that means 6th of 236 English Derby winners(1779 -2015)! Mill Reef`s Derby victory was not a fluke! Check out what he did to crack French filly Pistol Packer in the Arc later,and at Epsom and Longchamp could have gone round again; anybody there will tell you the same! Mill Reef , like Zenyatta, was born in America. If they had ever met, he would have had to give her five pounds and she was huge in comparison. That is why she can never be rated the best! When in receipt of weight, she still couldn`t beat Blame. Check out Mill Reef 1970 DERBY and 1970 ARC. R.I.P. legendary American gentleman ; Paul Mellon and his beloved Mill Reef ! Two great Americans who touched the hearts of the British with their kindness

  8. The most overrated horse of the modern era! Zenyatta was getting weight from the winner,which is a practice designed to help mares compete with bigger/stronger males. She was bigger than Blame! What did she ever do to be hyped so highly?? Look at British legend; Frankel and see what he did on the track! Then check out what the horses he beat did !

  9. Spotted the boys 20 lengths and still almost won

  10. The fact that Blame is best known for holding off Zenyatta tells you how good she is. Not the best ride, and she still almost had him. Up there with Ruffian and Rachel for sure.

  11. Я не знаток, но, по-моему, эта величайшая скаковая лошадь проиграла свой последний забег исключительно по вине жокея. Имея такой запас в выносливости и в скорости финиша, и не успеть догнать, это самая большая ошибка Майка Смита и самая большая трагедия в его карьере. Эта лошадь могла и должна была побеждать. Но не будем сильно ругать Майка, он ведь и ко многим победам приводил Зеньятту. Она, все-равно, является одной из величайших скаковых в истории, если не самой великой. Respect, legendary Queen Z!!!

  12. This is what happens when you take things for granted against quality horses. Given how lost Zenyatta looked coming past the grandstands the first time around, this may have been her best race ever, even though she lost. Whatta Racehorse!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to Blame, who WON IT, with a winning ride from the late Hall of Fame jockey Garrett "Go Go" Gomez. RIP Go Go.

  14. Zenyatta is one of best racehorses in history. The 2010 Breeders Cup Classic was a tough race, but she stayed strong and performed magnificently. I take heart in the fact that she must have thought that she won this race, just as she won all those other races. She’s a beautiful runner and she has an amazing kick.

  15. does anyone besides me see that she never passed blame even after the wire gg said on the gallop out he didn’t want to pass blame all the people saying that blame got lucky go back and look at balmes 2010 races and u will c besides the jockey gold cup at belmont blame was by the best horse of the year take nothin away from lady z she ran into a great race horse at the top of his game .

  16. His public workout is on youtube "Frankel racecourse gallop" ,and if memory serves, it was a few weeks before his clash with Excelebration at Newbury !

  17. Blame’s connections knew they just lucked out that day beating Zenyatta..that is why they hurried to pull blame from racing and off to the breeding shed because Blame can not repeat another win against Zenyatta 

  18. This race set up perfectly for Zenyatta, with the front four horses tiring themselves out, and the field bunching themselves up at the final turn. It made it easy for a closer to pass them all at once rather than having to wade through them. Blame and Lookin at Lucky were in the second group, only a couple lengths in front of Z. Give them credit. The bottom line is that Blame and Lookin at Lucky had a better kick than Zenyatta had ever faced before. She got Lucky, but could never pass Blame. Even after the wire, Blame stayed in front of her. 
    Take a race like Saturday’s, where the front runner never fades, and Zenyatta would have been lucky to even be in the race. Probably would have been right next to Tonalist at the end. 

  19. +fireworm678 Here`s the problem ; you keep talking about America where the tracks are artificial, and place little emphasis on strength or stamina. It`s much different here in Europe and there is lots of evidence that  an uphill finish will slow a horse ; the amount it slows is dependent on its size ,the weight it is carrying and the amount of moisture in the ground. The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a Grade One steeplechase – the premier steeplechase in Europe but around ten years ago, the authority reduced the weight from 12st to 11st 10 lbs why? The greatest weight carrier of them all was Arkle. He could win regardless of the weight so the rules were changed to give him even more weight. That stopped him ! He is still regarded as the greatest fifty years later but his career proved that seven pounds extra slows a horse and he was some horse !Your comparison with Usain Bolt is greatly flawed too ! Usain Bolt has two legs, not four and his family have not been refined for hundreds of years to produce speed unlike the European thoroughbred. There is no blood relation between Olympic Gold Medallists ; Usain Bolt, Justin Gatling, Alan Wells and Valerie Borzov but there is a clear ancestral connection with "ALL" the great horses through Northern Dancer, who has delivered the blood of such greats as Hyperion and Mahmoud, and back to other great British horses like St Simon in 19th Century. Every horse who is top class in America "today" is a direct descendent of the great Hyperion and /or Mahmoud and that includes American Pharoah. It is worth adding that Mahmoud`s track record(1936 Derby) stood until 1995.Remind me to let you have the Towcester system, which is a betting system devised in 1970`s to help punters win. I still use it today although it won`t make you rich. It is an education on horses and weight.

  20. Soon as Blame got her in his vision with about 100 yards to go she wasn’t getting by him. He should have been HOY. Reality folks. 🙂

  21. La derrota mas dolorosa de todos los tiempos….! El mundo se paralizo para ver ganar a esta gran corredora….!

  22. I still see a lot of ignorant Zenyatta haters, till this day, shaking my head.*

  23. To me Mike Smith lost the race, last turn he got her in a bad position, she had to run sideways to get a straight line to run home. blame had it easy.

  24. RIP Garrett Gomez. One of the all-time greats.

  25. Regardless about how great or not truly great anyone thinks about Zenyatta there is a FACT about the horse that was truly remarkable. She won 19 races in a row almost 20 by coming from far back DEAD LAST EVERY TIME!! Anyone who know anything about horse racing knows closers are up against it being at the mercy of pace ,traffic and wide trips.. Never has this been done in horse racing history by ANY horse at ANY LEVEL..Period..

  26. There is a lot of opinion masquerading as fact here. Whenever a horse loses by a head and a diminishing head people are going to speculate on two things in particular: did the jockey contribute or cause the defeat; who is the better horse. First, she was very far back, but note that the first three were well clear of the rest; even Blame was perhaps twelve lengths off the lead. Ideally I think we would wanted Zenyatta a bit closer to Blame though that would have either potentially hemmed her in on the rail or four or five wide on the first turn. And we don’t know if Zenyatta herself just was a bit slower in the beginning, and not because Smith wanted her to be far back in order to be extra-dramatic. I think overall Zenyatta was the better horse, but on the day for a variety of reasons Blame was a few inches faster. I also think that Zenyatta was perhaps a tad slower as a six year old. It was a great race by both of them, and although I wish he hadn’t beaten her, I can’t (sorry) Blame him for winning. 

    As for someone stating that it is a fact that Rachel Alexandra, a horse I also admired especially during her three year old season, would beat Zenyatta by five lengths in a nine furlong (match race I presume), that’s barely worth arguing, though I cannot resist. First, I tend to doubt there was that much of a gap between them. There are too many factors (track, surface, 3 yo Rachel vs 5 yo Zenyatta or 4 yo Rachel vs 6 yo Zenyatta)to consider. Even if Rachel slowed the pace to a crawl Zenyatta has shown that her late speed is such that she can overcome slow splits and win. Admittedly, she never experienced that with Rachel who was both talented and brave (witness her exhausting performance winning the 2010 Woodward). I never have understood why people feel the need to denigrate one horse in order to appreciate another. Nineteen wins in a row followed by a narrow loss to a great horse in Blame; Rachel’s amazing three year old season of some massive wins in the Ky Oaks and Mother Goose, wins over males in the Preakness from post 13, a 6 length win in the Haskell and that gutsy win in the Woodward. I thought both were great and it would have been interesting to see the ladies meet on the track. I tend to favour Zenyatta in that contest even at nine furlongs. But that’s speculation and that’s why it’s called gambling. 

    I’m assuming all of us like the sport, hence the passionate feelings. But, let’s not forget that it’s hard to be sure of much in this world, especially the sport of kings.

  27. I’ve always said that with her pedigree, I would’ve absolutely loved to have seen Zenyatta gotten to race at least once on turf. Because she was so good on synthetic surfaces sort of leads me to believe she might’ve been a sight to behold on turf, and not that wasn’t anyway. In going back and looking at the replays of all of her races again, which I hadn’t really done in awhile, I noticed that during her 2 runs at Oaklawn in the Apple Blossom and here in her second BC Classic appearance, which accounts for her 3 career starts on conventional dirt, her motion just wasn’t as fluid racing on dirt as it was on synthetics. For lack of a better way to put it, she seemed to sort of spin her wheels on dirt, especially during the early part of the race, and it definitely seemed to take her longer to find her best stride on dirt. Not a problem I think she would’ve likely ever encountered if she’d gotten to race on turf, IMO.

  28. One of the saddest moments in Racing History


  30. Mike smith will never get over this race . This is the biggest fuck up by a jockey ever!

  31. I’ve been a UK-based mega-fan of the sport for 3/4 of my life and this race has resonated more powerfully with me than any other. One thing: I heard this race online in Krakow, Poland (pictures weren’t available) and, even today, I prefer to close my eyes and relive the thrill, conveyed brilliantly by Trevor Denman, as that freak of a mare so nearly pulls off the impossible. Btw is anyone else enjoying the current Racing Post series "Queens of the Turf" and wondering how high she’ll finish?

  32. For all those bashing Mike Smith: Zenyatta was not hooking well on this surface and he could tell right away with how they left the gates. No horse wins them all but if you want to see what the greatest dirt miler in history does in a similar situation, Dr Fager in the 1968 United Nations Handicap. First ever race on grass, slipping and sliding the whole way, puts to bed several other turf champions by sheer force of will. Now that’s greatness

  33. She should be considered one of the best ever. Just amazing horse!

  34. When Blame’s jockey says he wouldn’t want to rematch Zenyatta because he knows he had a perfect trip in this race and if Blame met Zenyatta again, he would lose….and when Mike Smith knows with another step or moving a little sooner, he would’ve caught Blame, that should pretty much cement the fact that Zenyatta would have won this. I don’t know how everyone is making these calls otherwise from their armchairs at home or far off in the grandstand – these jockeys were IN THE THICK OF IT and they BOTH said Zenyatta would’ve had this if one tiny detail of the race had been changed. Going to trust the people on the horses before I believe someone watching from afar. 

    Just to clarify, I’m not saying Blame isn’t great. He is. He just is not better than Zenyatta and got very lucky in this race. The better horse lost this race.

  35. They got greedy one too many times. Luck finally caught up with them.

  36. En este deporte han habido derrotas muy dolorosas… lo de zenyatta y la racha de taker :c

  37. dont say that zenny has had her victory now lrt blame ya cant blame him its smiths fault hi was holding here to late they have had thier laughs !

  38. It is a definitely a handicap to spot "other horses that close off the pace" that many lengths.  Zenyatta typically does not fall that far back. Often she was not last on the first call. Mike had to use her on the back side at a time he typically doesn’t have to. Also she ran sideways for bit in the stretch.  Blame, a quality off the pace type horse had a nice ground saving trip; it was too much for Z To over come.  
    I do believe she would have passed Blame eventually – That is the only way Zenyatta knows how to run.  She also thought that she had won – got up in time and started to pull her self up.   That with the combination of Blame digging in, cost her 20/20

  39. To this day when I watch it I think she is going to get there.

  40. FRANKEL was bred to be King! He was the dream, the dream that became a reality. No horse in the modern era (1970+) has beaten so many Group One winners by so far so many times! Greats such as –  St Nicholas Abbey, Farhh , Nathaniel, Canford Cliffs, Excelebration and Cirrus Des Aigles were all British ,European or World Champions but have become immortal because …………….FRANKEL beat them! Lines of form through Farhh, via Moonlight Cloud, suggest Frankel was around nine lengths better than Australian legend Black Caviar, and a line through Twice Over make "HIS MAJESTY" at least ten lengths better than America`s darling ; Zenyatta ! Watch the greatest performance of all time by searching " Frankel Queen Anne Royal Ascot ".

  41. Like the 04 Belmont this race still makes me sick. 

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