Conor McGregor Asks Paulie Malignaggi to Help Him Train for Mayweather Boxing Match

Conor McGregor Asks Paulie Malignaggi to Help Him Train for Mayweather Boxing Match

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Conor McGregor recruits Paulie Malignaggi to spar with him and help him train in preparation for his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather – Paulie Malignaggi is a boxing commentator/analyst for SKY Sports Paul and and also a former professional boxer and the former WBA welterweight champion who competed from 2001 to 2017.

Conor McGregor will face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match on August 26 in Las Vegas at the T-mobile arena; the match will be contested at 154 pounds with 10 ounce boxing gloves, in a standard boxing ring under standard boxing rules and regulations.

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50 Responses

  1. connors going ti walk tru a storm to destroy fairrweather

  2. Conor needs to fake his training camp and spend time with his son. All that training will end up the same whether he trains or not; a big fat loss. Would love Conor to kick ass on that steroid user Floyd, but Conor is not a boxer, period. And you folks know that they are fighting in boxing rules, right?

  3. Conor should hire Adrienne Broner as his sparring partner and chill with him, that’s floyds hommie wouldn’t that be a sight

  4. He couldn’t find a better retired boxer turn commentator?

  5. Justin will lose by disqualification(ear bite)

  6. Paulie thinks conor is bullshit for boxing, and he is just right. Now he wants to bribe him?.

  7. Why are people so fucken stupid to pay for this shit lol watch some fucken goof who thinks he is a prob boxer one thing he is is a fucken clown dam people are stupid
    I wouldn’t pay for this fucken crap if I want to see a fucken clown box I will go to the circus

  8. @3:44 ” did your mom have sex with your sisters brother to have you?”’ lmao wtf?

  9. paulie is the perfect dude,he has a good fight IQ


  11. I’ve heard some lame trash talk in my day and Johnson is up there at the top of the heap… wow.

  12. Gd call by Conor…………Paulie has a brilliant boxing brain,was a hell of a boxer only lacking in power!

  13. Little by little Conner realizing he’s fucked!!!

  14. Everyone is riding conners shirt tails nice thumbnail

  15. fuck conor and all his bitch ass fan, thinking he is going to win Floyd, can anyone here put their money on conor if he wins d fight

  16. Paul’s video looks like crap!!! I like Paul .. but dam

  17. McGregor is lulling Floyd into a false sense of security.

    FFS how can boxing come out of this looking good???

    There is no upside for boxing.

    If Mayweather loses he lost to a guy that has never boxed.

    If he wins he beat a guy that has never boxed. And chose for his 50th fight and Marcianos record……a guy that is 0-0.

    Mayweather has already lost. Those singing his praises will talk like they kinda new an upset was on the cards, even though now they are talking about Floyd like the pundits talked about Clinton walking all over Trump. It’s a forgone conclusion.

    I think not.

    90% of the bets are on McGregor. 90% of the money is on Floyd.

    I smell an upset!!!

  18. Hey Dana you say the Diaz brothers may never fight again over the recent weed Shit
    Dam Dana u have your favourites cuz your fuck head boy jones should never be back in UFC. He is a total fuck up gee I wonder who is sucking who’s cock now

  19. lmao Michael "I eat my shit whole, not piece by piece" Johnson.

  20. Justin is going to send michael johnson back to square one.

  21. google translate needs to add "amanda nunes" as a language.

  22. Ther is a dude that is willing to train this fucken clown Connor the only prob
    He is 93yrs old that’s ok Connor your going to get your fucken ass kicked anyhow so go to fucken target buy yourself some fucken boxing gloves and go practice ok at least u will feel a little excited that your boxing right and don’t forget your fucken clown outfit on fight night ok

  23. lost respect for him here talking about inbreeding he said " was it your sisters brother" lack of education would that not make it his brother

  24. Michael Johnson was beaten like a cheating wife by Kabib.. now he’s a tough guy lol.

  25. Johnson is just made because he woke up on the wrong side of the tree. Somebody give this nigga a banana asap.

  26. anyone notice how grey the sky was during the may weather this year? just sayin..

  27. I don’t know much about boxing but it looks like Mayweather wins because he makes fighters chase after him. So I’m guessing Conor shouldn’t push him and just counter when he can and try to beat the shit out of him if he ever gets him against the ropes?

  28. He’s invited Paula to spar for a reason. He’s done nothing but talk shit about McGregor since day one.

    Now Paula gets to go and try PROVE McGregor is no good.


  29. Conor will punish him every single day for calling him out.

  30. This will be another Nate Diaz 1. He may even quit too.

  31. Be funny if Justin turns Johnson into a bitch like Nate did for 3 rounds.

  32. For 100 million I’d step into the ring or octagon with kingkong….

  33. a little fucking late don’t you think, yeah?

  34. I think it’s sad that so much time is being taken up discussing this idiotic fight. Will be glad when it’s over and Conor can go back to fighting in the sport he actually holds an active title in.

  35. Michael Johnson is a total douche! What a complete unprofessional idiot!

  36. Smart. Paulie was tricky. I like this. McGregor is a fighter…..

  37. michael johnson is a low life piece of shit. He crossed the line.

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