Full Face of Makeup Wearing BOXING GLOVES?!

Full Face of Makeup Wearing BOXING GLOVES?!

In today’s video I try a challenge of applying my makeup while wearing a pair of boxing gloves… the results were hilarious!
Challenge Playlist:

♡ How old are you? – 17
♡ Where are you from? – North-East of England
♡ What do you film with? – Canon 650D
♡ How do you edit? – Final Cut Pro X on my MacBook Pro

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you can do anything if you put your mind to it 🙂

50 Responses

  1. Can u do a no mirror challenge pleaseeeeee xxx

  2. you did a better job then i would of done you maya!

  3. That laugh after the elf comment was so sweet

  4. I hateeee when you tubers try far too hard to be funny and they’re just not funny……

  5. You should do a video like the mixed up brushed video, but it’s just the makeup. (Like lipstick for concealer, bronzer for eyeshadow)

  6. okokokokokok
    is it just me, or does Maya with only eyebrows filled in (and the rest before that)
    look like Harry Styles, because otherwise, I may be crazy.

  7. What liquid eyeliner pen do you use? I really want to know Becuase I’ve been on the lookout for a good pen liquid liner for wings. My favorite dryes out quiet quickly


  9. Full face of make up using bread to apply it with! LOVE YOU! FIRST ONE TO SAY THIS! ? ? ? ? ? ?

  10. full face using only diffrent coloured concealers

  11. Maya, go to 2:32??. I got a text and it paused there ???

  12. Omg you are so funny and relatable I love watching all your videos but these and the car boot sales are my favourites. xoxo

  13. Full face of makeup w flip flops on ?

  14. full face using my hair as brushes????‍♀️x

  15. you should do a full face using make up samples or like miniature make up xx

  16. Next time use the gloves as your makeup brushes

  17. ☻/
    /▌ *WeAre LIVE NOW!* #Giveaway4Fans31

  18. Why you’re trying so hard to be funny

  19. Do a full face of makeup with just eyeshadow please

  20. Could you please
    Do the Jordan Bone makeup challenge

  21. full face using every liquid use a powder and every powder use a liquid

  22. Pleeeeease make a vid about full face of one eyeshadow pallet

  23. Full face of makeup with liquid lipsticks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️like if u agree

  24. Could you do a challenge where you only use a concealer brush? I don’t know if anyone’s suggested this but it’d be so fun! Love you xx

  25. Full face of makeup using only 1 eye-shadow palette

  26. Full face of makeup using your subscribers suggestions for makeup

  27. You should do a full face where you would have to hold all of your brushes with tweezers!! Like so maya can see!!!

  28. She makes me laugh everyday !! im laughing rn <3

  29. makeup with nature eg soil grass flowers ?

  30. Full face of makeup using only eyeshadow

  31. Has she got fake tan on
    If not maya you’ve been blessed with amazing skin ?

  32. this reminded me of when little kids do their makeup by the way they hold things but loved the vids ???

  33. You should do full face of makeup using those old eyeshadow foam applicators

  34. Wow maya u never fail to surprise me / Boxing gloves / ????????

  35. Every video that maya does I love! Seriously it’s soooo refreshing to see someone on the internet who is so real and un filtered! Love her?

  36. Maya you asked me to smash the like button and now my iPad is broken

  37. okokokokokok
    is it just me, or does Maya with only eyebrows filled in (and the rest before that)
    look like Harry Styles, because otherwise, I may be crazy.

  38. This is for my kickboxers/ boxers
    When she said is it gonna be hard to put the other glove on I was like yes very hard?

  39. Maya comes up with the weirdest challenge ideas but their the best xx

  40. When she’s better than you with boxing gloves than you with normal hands!?

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