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  1. What kind of person are you if you wish, that many Jockys die.
    I think you should think again about, what you said.
    And… have you ever seen a horse that jumped a meter out of fun?
    Or a horse in nature, that made dressage lektions?
    To run is the only natural instinct of horses

  2. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I Hope died.

  3. Thoroughbreds are stupid horses. No Offense im not trying to have a go at anyone. But some thoroughbreds will Bite you FOR NO REASON at all. My granddad would cross Thoroughbreds and QHs even the best tempered horses ever couldn’t get the meaness out of them. I’m literally scared of thoroughbreds

  4. I give props to the jockey….he’s got some serious muscles…and a twinge bit of fear, to hang on like that for so long. Bravo!!

  5. The second horse is really into the race…. (PS this is coming from a person who dislikes racing)

  6. Well of corse it’;s the bad things about racing look at the fucking jumps. Horses skeletal systems are not made for that, especially with the extra weight of a jockey on their back. Fact is a lot of cruelty goes on and a lot of horses die. Loads of them are pushed beyound their limits. I hope a load of jockeys die. Then maybe they’ll start to change things.

  7. @misstheo123
    animals like a challenge (depending on IQ) and want to please their owner to some extent, don’t give me that liberal-tree-hugging-sarcasm.

    As if top athletes don’t get severe muscle/nerve damage.

    I dont like horse racing, because mostly greedy douche-bags are involved.

    But I can appreciate the unity of the horse and the rider. The horse has been a faithful servant for a long time, it’s one of the cornerstones of civilization you enjoy today, so cut the crap and be thankful.


  9. @futurejockey8 Because Thoroughbreds can be very high strung… Just saying. I think they are crazy, What does my opinion have to do with you? Quarter Horses are the fastest breed of horse in the world, and they are also the best tempered, so I dont see how that if a horse is rambunctious would make him go faster

  10. Falling off with a foot caught in the stirrups has got to be one of the worst experiences for anyone riding a horse. Extremely lucky to get out of that with his life.
    What the second guy was doing I have no idea…his feet were out of the irons and he almost certainly caused himself more injury by hanging onto the front of the horse than just falling off to the side of it which is where he was going until he decided to grab it’s neck.

  11. Because when a human dies the media actually takes notice and of course they jump and run for fun, but these horses are pushed beyond their limits. Hence why so many die early.

  12. I have a friend who trains race-horses to think about what you comment before you call someone stupid. Dumbass unless you don’t know what breakaway stirrups are -_- so I suggest you keep your nasty comment to your self!

  13. people say horse racing is not a sport and there are NO accidents. after those people watch this video they will probably feel different about horse back riding.

  14. @quarterhorselover100 how in the hell would being a THOROUGHBRED make the horse bite. That’s like saying a black person is going to kill someone BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK. Most racehorses aren’t taught to be well tempered – they want them to be rambunctious.

  15. Let me get something straight here, horse racing is not cruel. If the horses didn’t enjoy it they could through their jockeys of at any point, and also horses love running in herds, it’s like there natural in stinks, and anyway in the wild horses would fall over all the time, so why discriminate horse racing? Now I’ve got that out the way good video:-) xxx

  16. I laughed at first one I know its cruel but it look funny . Man just nearby got stomped by other horse

  17. race horses are not pushed to there limits my x race horse loves to run and so do other race horses.

  18. If you took away betting, no one would give a flyin’ f**k about horse racing. I love Ireland and the Irish but surely there are better things one can do with their hard earned cash!

  19. @TheExoticAnimal you should cry about it

  20. @xxxFUHRERxxx not animal cruelty ….. human stupidity ……… and im refering to you …..

  21. let me get something straight here! horse racing is cruel and if you do not believe so then you are blinkered to the facts about this barbaric so called sport,these are not accidents if the horse was not forced to run at the highest possible speed and then put fences in front of them then this would not happen,you can say all you want that horses love to do it, how do you know have you asked them.

  22. They’re a pack animal, it’s in their instint to stay with the croud otherwise they’ll be singled out and attacked by their predator. Maybe you’re just not so smart jackass.

  23. @QtipAppaloosa stop bening over in front of the mirror lol

  24. they all get put down during the race if the do break their leg though

  25. and that is why people we have break-away stirrups to avoid these accidents

  26. @QtipAppaloosa did you think my original comment was 100% serious lol? no. just boredom.

  27. Oh and one thoroughbred after finishing the Barrel pattern ran into the fence and every time they built it taller he would still run into it he almost killed her 3 times

  28. too bad these guys didnt break their legs and die,
    they sure as hell deserve to!
    Ever disgusting!

  29. @xxwvjdv I know what you mean. I just use a system for picks so its easy. Check this: bit.ly/LOyC1H?=rqtaux

  30. I just hope the horse wasn’t hurt. i found it extremely entertaining seeing that little prick of a jockey hauled over the steeple by the horse

  31. c’est là qu’on comprend mieux à quel point les canassons sont stupides!

  32. @quarterhorselover100 they don’t necessarily want the horses to go faster – that’s really not the point of TB racing. It’s to keep that fire. Yes, according to statistics and hundreds of years of experience with horses, TBs are high strung and QHs may be more well-tempered. Does that mean that that’s always going to be true? NO. Just because you had a bad experience with a TB – that means they’re all like that? NO. Most of horse’s tempers come from nurture, not nature.

  33. i know thats funny but amazing he can hold on that long

  34. well you shouldnt , horses are doing what they love

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