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  1. So they risk their lives and only get paid 10% and that’s if they actually win…wow. I’d rather buy a horse and ride it for my personal pleasure on my own risk than ride it for someone who won’t pay me to do the job and on top of that pray to God I don’t break my back or die.

  2. "Dang they know what they doin and I don’t" I lost my mind?

  3. Please no flipping!!! It’s so bad for u!!!

  4. "Grew up with her heart set on this. I love horses, I love riding" except all those horses your riding will probably die and go to slaughter to be shot.

  5. "To be a jockey is to be an athlete"     Virgilio Decan "Aly Khan" (1931-    ) Venezuelan horse racing announcer. Greetings from Venezuela.

  6. who puts someone who has never ridden on a thoroughbred racehorse wtf

  7. Chris is pure class. There’s not a former jock alive whom I have more respect for. His ride aboard Touch Gold to steal Silver Charm’s Triple Crown bid was the stuff of pure genius. Living legend.

  8. Good on that kid for jumping in even without riding experience! He knows his heart

  9. One of the girls among the jockeys is absolutely beautiful

  10. My friend said equestrian is easy… I told her, FRIENDS tell rumors, REAL FRIENDS don’t! And my real friends are horses!

  11. what i tthe site caled what is the fone numder

  12. I do the exact same thing just on Shetland ponies, there honestly little bitches, but fast.

  13. I Amy not do this but I will be come a horse rider

  14. I hate jockeys well i hope she dosent need to use a crop

  15. It’s called a love a dream my dream is to be a jockey I’ve grow up wit horses but it’s love at first site

  16. I do eventing I know it is not as intense as racing but when u fall of a horse it is barely ever the rider that gets mad at the horse or the rider that is wary it’s the parents

  17. How about National Hunt Jockeys (Jump Racing)

  18. There are like so many jockey schools in Scotland and it’s not just thoroughbreds that race you also get Arabs and other breeds

  19. i love ridding on my horse i have allwaze wantedvto do horse racing and bea jockey

  20. Ugggh "for the love of horses" horse racing is very dangerous for the horse as well. They could easily break a leg and have to be euthanized, not to mention the unhealthy amount of steroids and drugs they feed their horses

  21. there are your companions, friends and a part of your family forever horses don’t do all the work its also the mood and speed both horse and rider must be one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way i LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I am going to take a course soon to be an exercise rider

  23. When I was a child I wanted to be a jockey because I thought that it would be fun but now that I’m older I realize I do not want to take part in a cruel all profit business .

  24. I Amy not do this but I will be come a horse rider

  25. Bis sich die Pferde die Beine brechen , bravo

  26. Horse racing is deadly and cruel to horses after they can’t race anymore the horse that made the trainer millions is sold at a auction for a couple hundred, if they don’t get bought they go to a kill pen to die and be sent to other countries to be eaten by people. Why should we care about the jockeys who choose to go in this dangerous competition, but when the horses are forced to run to its death we don’t blink an eye because the trainers make Profit of of the horses pain. hundreds of horses don’t even make it to the track because they die during training. Others break legs so then the owner gets someone to do a surgery and 2 days later the horse is out running miles on the track again. All race horses are given "preformence boosters" and shots and given supplements so they run faster and have more energy. They also hit the horse with crops leaving big painful bruises on a Horses skin . When racehorses are rescued they usually have arthritis, and have marks on there legs from surgeries and treatments. Please don’t go to races HORSES PAY WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO WIN

  27. What about cross country, jumping, and dressage

  28. "Ser jinete es ser atleta"      Virgilio Decán "Aly Khan" (1931-    ) Narrador hípico venezolano. Saludos desde Venezuela.

  29. Well not to be a downer, but none of the 3 trainee’s featured have ever had a mount. We are 3 years after this video, so I guess none of them made the cut.

  30. Many moons ago, 43 to be exact,I trained to be a jockey. After 2 years and 6 months before my first ride I had a bad accident working a horse one morning.I never got to ride that first race and was content to be a groom/exercise rider. I’m 62 now and still work and train horses. I would have loved to have not gotten broke up but that’s life.

  31. "Ser jinete es ser atleta" Virgilio Decán "Aly Khan" (1931- ) Narrador hípico venezolano. Saludos desde Venezuela.

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