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Today’s top horse racing tips for Tuesday 23rd May

Today’s top horse racing tips for Tuesday 23rd May

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What do you make of the advice?

We will be back tomorrow with the results of today’s tips.

Please, always gamble responsibly.

so today’s video I’ve got three top tips
from our horse racing expert Stephen Harris
hi I’m Joe on behalf of betting
expert welcome to today’s tips video and
today I’m going to feature three horse
racing tips so maybe if you’re not into
horse racing maybe skip on to tomorrow’s
video but hopefully given the track
record of Stephen Harris I’m going to
get some good value from today’s tips
I’m going to kick things off with
Stephen’s Nap of the day and it is in the
3.20 at Brighton and the horse is Black
Bess. This is Jim Boyles’ four-year-old
who has been improving lately as well
won last time out so here Stephen expects
him to go off around the even-money mark
so should be a pretty decent winner
today that’s why black bess is the nap
of the day now you can also go and check
out all of Stephen’s stats in terms of
how his naps have been getting on lately
over on the
page and the second tip is
actually his value angle of the day this
is a horse he’s basically picked out
and identified as being rather
overpriced in the markets there is value
there perhaps in backing each way as
well and we’re sticking with Brighton here
and in the 3.50 and the horse is called
bridge of sighs and that’s around the
8/1 mark at the moment could go
off a bit shorter but he is a course and
distance winner as well so the fact
that he’s been around here and the
ground should be drying out in Brighton
then that should help and so Stephen sees
a good opportunity here for Bridge of
Sighs to do pretty well and the final
tip for today’s video is actually
Stephen’s lay of the day now if you’re new
to exchange betting basically the lay
option means the you’re betting against
something from happening so if this
horse that we’re going to feature
doesn’t win the race then your bet will
actually win if you lay it and that is
in the 2.20 at Brighton and
Princess Lyla so that’s the lay of the day from
Stephen Harris he’s just predicting that
the rest of the field will show a little
bit more promise than Princess Lyla
does and he expects it to lose that race
now if you want a full explanation on
lay betting we do have guides over on
the betting expert website and one final
tip with regards to betting on horse
racing as well if you go over to bet365
and create an account you’re able to use
their Racing Archives so you can get a
better picture of how those horses run
and how well they’ll do today
but what do you make of Stephen’s tips?
hopefully in an upcoming video I’ll have
him on so he can actually describe his
tips in more detail
for you but for now if you are going to
place a bet please gamble responsibly
I’ve been Joe for betting expert and
I’ll speak to you soon

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